Genesis: How I got my style/ How I wear wide leg pants.

IMG_1167IMG_1183Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal”. When we think of style as eternal we usually lean towards the end part, the part that keeps going and never stops. What about the beginning?

 My personal style was born the summer before I entered the 4th grade. I was given a gift card to a clothing store and my mom took me shopping. While other kids my age would have probably picked out t-shirts, jeans, and the latest sneakers I chose khakis, button down shirts, ties, loafers, and a blazer. Come September a lot of my friends questioned my style of dress however because I wasn’t dressing for them but for myself it didn’t bother me. This allowed me to be confident in my style choices and to establish a secure aesthetic.  Question: How was your style born?

I built this outfit around these great wide leg pants with patches I got from Jcrew, the mini light houses on the pants have stripes on them so I figured pairing it with a striped t-shirt might be fun. I chose the veggie tan Vans mostly because of its rich color and how well it complimented the natural tones on the pants.

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  1. gamergirl · July 21

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve been viewing your posts for quite a while and it constantly brings me back!
    I’m a long time subscriber, but I have never been compelled to leave a comment before.
    Thank you for the informative content.


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