The BryGuide: How to beat the heat with a suit. 


Many times New Yorkers find themselves held hostage underground in hot packed subway cars by the MTA. OK, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but if you lived here or visited then you probably know how close this feels to that. It’s 9am you’re on your way to work and there are major delays. To make it worse there isn’t any air conditioning and then panic kicks in when you begin to think about those sweat stains under your arms and down the back of your suit jacket. You’ve lost this one but how do you win the next one? The answer, A linen blend suit. Linen is the smartest fabric to wear in high temperatures because it’s thin and allows air flow to the body while you wear it. When it’s blended (woven with other fabrics) with polyester or cotton it becomes more structured making it more appropriate for work. Linen does wrinkle but who will be paying attention when you look like you just punched heat in the face.

I got this light grey linen blend suit from the Premium collection at H&M for under 200 bucks. Pairing it with a knit T shirt the same color allows a nice monochrome feel. I like to dress down suits so I wore Stan Smith Adidas. A really good rule to use is the 25/75 rule, 25% casual and 75% dressed up.

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