The Hi-Lo Style: How to master it.



If you’re truly into fashion then you have probably experienced marveling at the embroidery in a pair of Gucci jeans, as much as the color of a shirt at H&M. This means that you appreciate both designer clothes and Fast fashion. Over the past few years it seems as if Fast fashion has become the enemy of fashion houses all over the world. Unfortunately, for those of us who love it just as much find ourselves caught in the middle. Like a child of separated parents we must not choose one or the other but in fact celebrate both equally. The Hi-Lo style is the art of mixing both High end and Low end pieces of clothing to create the perfect outfit outfit.

Ive done this by wearing a Jcrew shirt, ($30) and H&M jeans, ($25) and Gucci Jordan loafers ($695). The key to mastering this style is collecting Designer pieces that are basics and go with anything, for example a Burberry trench coat or a Louis Vuitton tote bag. Pairing these with a really fun item you got at a reasonable price from Zara or H&M will highten your look. 

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